High-AU Media Drives 6x Higher Conversions and a 5x Increase in ROAS for a Leader in Greeting Cards


  • Demonstrate the impact of high-quality media on full-funnel outcomes from brand lift to conversions


  • Activate Adelaide tag-based analytics to measure Display and OLV media quality
  • Prove that AU correlates to conversions, as well as attitudinal and behavioral KPIs with data from GCM and Disqo, a consumer insights partner

Performance Results

Higher ROAS, Conversions, and Efficiency

Higher Avg. AU exposure resulted in a 5x higher ROAS, 6x higher conversions, and lower cost per conversion

Behavioral and Attitudinal Results

Higher AU Exposures Yields Greater Impact

Groups exposed to higher AU placements showed higher Brand Search Rate, Brand Site Visits, and Purchase Intent than lower AU groups

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