High-AU® Media Delivers Higher Awareness, Lower Emissions for a Multinational E-commerce Giant


  • Demonstrate the effects of high-quality media on brand outcomes and on environmental impact


  • Activate Adelaide analytics to measure media quality across Display, OLV, CTV, and YouTube on a national campaign 
  • Partner with Kantar to measure  the impact of AU on upper- and mid-funnel outcomes
  • Partner with Scope3 to measure the carbon emissions of media

Brand Impact

Higher-AU® Media Delivered up to 83% Higher Awareness

When exposed to more than 200 AU, respondents who were not already customers had 82.9% higher awareness than those in the under-200 AU group.

Environmental Impact

AU®-Optimized Media Generates Fewer Emissions

AU-optimized media generated 13.7% fewer carbon emissions than viewability-optimized media.

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