Attention-Optimized Custom Algorithm Drives Up to 69% Higher Programmatic Conversions for Audi Switzerland


  • Investigate whether high-AU media delivers greater incremental lift in lower-funnel conversion metrics compared to standard bidding tactics


  • Activate Adelaide tag-based analytics within DSP to measure AU across display inventory
  • Build a custom algorithm that prioritizes high-AU impressions and bids automatically to dynamically secure higher-quality inventory
  • Structure A/B tests to measure the impact of AU-based algorithm vs. standard algorithm


Higher Conversions with Lower Costs

Audi’s AU algorithm drove a 69% higher conversion rate across Open Exchange inventory and a 60% increase in cumulative conversion rate on both Open Exchange and PMP deals versus standard bidding tactics.

“The results from our AU-based custom algorithm prove that attention metrics can be used as both an upper- and lower-funnel tactic.

We’re very excited about the impact our work with Adelaide has had on conversion metrics and look forward to integrating AU into future programmatic activities for Audi Switzerland.”

Filip Pujic

Teamleader, Digital Marketing Audi Switzerland

Custom Bidding Increases Delivery of High-AU Formats

Custom AU Bidding Script
Raise or Lower Bid Based on Quality
Highest Value Inventory Secured

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