Financial Services

High-quality, Attentive Media Delivers Superior Applicants for a Leading Credit Card Company


  • Measure programmatic Display media quality
  • Demonstrate how AU optimization on “ad engagement” improves mid-funnel outcomes, such as Site Visits and Applicant Approval Rate


  • Activate Adelaide tag-based analytics to measure Display media placement quality
  • Structure an A/B test optimizing half the campaign’s placements towards AU and half to “business as usual” metric
  • Compare results of each treatment group to determine which had the strongest impact on advertiser outcomes

Performance Results

+54% Lift in Credit Card Application Approval Rate

In addition to higher-quality applicants, AU optimizations delivered: 

  • +74% more site visits
  • +12.3% decrease in overall media spend
  • +22.6% lower application drop-off among exposed individuals

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