MediaCom, Adelaide, and Kargo Run First Digital Campaign Guaranteeing Media Quality with Attention.


  • Guarantee media quality by establishing minimum AU rating for digital campaign
  • Secure higher-quality media dynamically via Added Value AU-based PMP within Google Display & Video 360

Our Approach

  • MediaCom and Kargo agreed upon minimum Avg.AU rating of 25 for campaign.
  • Adelaide created a custom AU planning calculator using historical Kargo data. The calculator was used by Kargo to design a media plan that would meet the AU guarantee.
  • An added value PMP was used to serve impression whens average AU dipped below 25.
  • AV imrpressions must be of higher AU quality than full priced impressions to bring average AU above the threshold.
  • Campaign was delivered via programmatic PMPs activated on Google Display & Video 360. Performance and delivery was monitored within Adelaide dashboards.

The campaign outperformed the AU guarantee by +16.8% and Kargo benchmark by +25.5%

Across more than 6M impressions and 262 domains, the campaign delivered an Avg. AU within +1.6% of the planning calculator's estimate.

By excluding low-AU domains, Kargo was able to optimize the campaign on the fly and drive higher AU scores overall.

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