AU Drives Award-Winning Performance for Coca-Cola Schweiz & Österreich


  • Prove that investing in higher-quality media drives incremental lift in upper- and mid-funnel outcomes, including ad impact and ad recall
  • Build a first-to-market custom bidding algorithm informed by AU to prioritize the highest-quality programmatic inventory within Coca-Cola’s budget


  • Activate Adelaide tag-based analytics to measure media quality across programmatic Display and OLV
  • Structure A/B tests to understand the impact of optimizing with AU vs. viewability
  • Validate results through third-party brand lift provider, Reppublika
  • Leverage AI to build a custom bidding algorithm that would prioritize high-AU media automatically when allocating media investments


AU-Optimized Media Drove +49.5% Higher Ad Recall and 16.3% Higher Ad Recognition

For an Aquarius Water campaign in Switzerland, we conducted an A/B test to prove that optimizing with AU drives greater brand lift than optimizing to viewability.


“Pulitzer Algorithm” Drives 36% Higher Ad Impact

We conducted a larger-scale test across 3 markets. AU optimizations drove +36% higher ad impact and +16% higher ad recall.

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