Financial Services

AU Proves a Strong Indicator of Site Visitation Rate for a Leading Financial Services Brand


  • Gauge media quality and identify optimization opportunities to increase site visits


  • Activate Adelaide analytics to measure media placement quality across
    Display and Video
  • Factor in Click and Landing Page data to prove correlation between higher average AU ratings and better outcomes—in this case, increased site visits

Performance Results

Optimizing towards high-AU media would likely result in increased site visits.

Adelaide demonstrated .95 and .94 correlation coefficients between Average AUs and increased CTR and Site Visits, respectively.

AU Offers More Optimization Indicators than Site Visits

Low Site Visit Rates are endemic cross-industry, making it tough to get actionable data. AU offers broader,
real-time analytics.

Lower-funnel metrics often require very large scale to return significant data. In contrast, AU provides optimization insights for every viewable impression. 

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