High-AU Programmatic Media Drives Increased Conversion and Site Visit Rates for a Leading Telecom Brand


  • Leverage Adelaide’s AU to secure high-AU media within DSP platform
  • Prove that investing in higher-quality programmatic inventory leads to incremental lift in mid-and lower-funnel KPIs for Mediahub telecommunications client


  • Activate Adelaide analytics within DSP to measure AU across display inventory 
(500M+ impressions) and prove correlation between AU and advertiser’s KPIs
  • Identify opportunities to drive increased Site Visits, Unique Visitors, and Conversions by shifting programmatic spend from low- to higher-AU media
  • Conduct mid-flight optimizations, monitor delivery, and determine impact on business outcomes


Lower-Funnel Lift

Compared to Business as Usual optimizations, AU-optimized media drove nearly 43% lift in lower-funnel KPIs

Increased Site Visits

Reallocating programmatic Budget to higher-AU media increased site visit rate and unique visitor rate by +12%.

“Activating AU programmatically helps identify opportunities to reduce waste and drive greater impact. Working with Adelaide, we’ve proven that AU outperforms standard optimization tactics and offers deeper insight into programmatic inventory quality.

We look forward to building on our success by incorporating AU into additional channels and exploring new ways to buy high-AU media more efficiently within preferred DSP partners.”

Daniel Thomann

VP, Group Media Director Mediahub Worldwide

How to Buy Higher Quality Media Programmatically

Attention pre-bid segments—grouped into high, medium, and low sets—represent varying levels of placement quality.
A dynamic bidding system purchases the inventory that is most likely to drive efficient attention and outcomes.
SSPs can curate supply based on attention data and expose different tranches of quality as separate deal IDs.

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