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The “Attentive Audience Paradox”

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Adelaide CEO, Marc Guldimann, writes on WARC about the risks of blindly optimizing to attention. As attention metrics play a more integral role in the marketing stack, Marc notes, one must consider whether attention is an input to evaluating calculations, or an optimization goal unto itself.

The latter can carry unintended consequences. Marc goes on to look at the three inputs of attention—media, creative, and audience—and the results and potential unintended consequences of optimizing to each tactic.

One surprising challenge Marc identifies is something he calls the “Attentive Audience Paradox”: Optimizing to the most attentive audiences results in reaching people already familiar with a brand.

Thankfully, Guldimann goes on to enumerate scenarios where it makes sense to optimize each of these attention inputs—even attentive audiences.

Read the full article on the WARC site here.

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