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Seedtag Increases US Footprint, Selects Adelaide as Attention Measurement Partner

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, NOVEMBER 2, 2022Seedtag, the leading contextual advertising company, is strengthening their competitive positioning in the U.S. by partnering with attention measurement provider, Adelaide, to help clients move beyond viewability and gain a deeper understanding of media quality.

Adelaide leverages a machine learning model to construct their omnichannel attention-based metric, AU. Through analyzing hundreds of quality signals and their weighted contribution to outcomes, AU reveals media quality by predicting a placement’s ability to capture attention. Leveraging these insights, Seedtag clients can ensure that they are reaching the most relevant audiences with the highest quality media.

“We're excited to kick off this new partnership with Adelaide allowing us to connect the dots on how our proprietary contextual targeting and decisioning capabilities drive attention benchmarks and ultimately client outcomes. Measuring on-target audience delivery and viewability simply isn’t enough to drive real-world impact. Working with a leading attention partner such as Adelaide allows us to prove that our sophisticated, AI powered targeting, creative and placement optimization tools do more to drive action than other metrics," said Brian Danzis, Managing Director of Seedtag US.

As lawmakers, consumers, and platforms continue to push for stricter privacy regulations, this partnership offers a solution to marketers who rely on audience-based targeting and attribution. By replacing audience-based targeting with contextual targeting, Seedtag allows marketers to reach target audiences where they’re consuming relevant content. Attention metrics are able to connect ad exposures to results without user-based identifiers, enabling Seedtag clients to understand the impact of their contextual advertising.

“With the imminent deprecation of cookies, it’s crucial for advertisers to invest in privacy-friendly approaches to targeting and measurement,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. “We’re excited to work with forward-thinking partners like Seedtag who are focused on creating better outcomes for advertisers and ad experiences for consumers while respecting their privacy.”

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the leader in the rapidly growing field of attention-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of signals to predict attention and drive more efficient outcomes. Since 2019, Adelaide has enabled the world’s top brands to understand media quality across their entire media spend and uncover valuable optimization opportunities to reduce waste and drive better results. Named after the global epicenter of evidence-based marketing in southern Australia, Adelaide is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

About Seedtag

Seedtag is the leading Contextual Advertising Company that creates highly impactful and engaging solutions for relevant premium visual content, powering targeting and returns for top publishers and the finest brands. The company’s contextual A.I. allows brands to engage with consumers within their universe of interest on a cookie-free basis.

Seedtag was founded in Madrid in 2014 by two ex-Googlers who wanted to get the most out of editorial images and to this day it is a global company that has more than 350 employees and an important international presence with offices in Spain, France, Italy, UK, Benelux, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, UAE and the US.

For more information, visit

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