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Adelaide & MediaCom Win Big at IAB Euro MIXX and Festival of Media Global Awards

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🥇 ŠKODA earned first place in the Effective Use of Data category at the MIXX Awards for its ENYAQ iV campaign, which leveraged Adelaide's AU to secure higher-quality inventory and improve first exposure impact. Compared to traditional optimization tactics, ŠKODA's award-winning campaign achieved:

...And helped ŠKODA earn the title of Switzerland's most successful Electric Vehicle launch of 2021.

🥈 Also in the Effective Use of Data category, Coca-Cola Schweiz/Österreich landed a silver MIXX award for its "Pulitzer Algorithm," a first-to-market custom bidding algorithm informed by AU. Compared to standard media buying formulas relying on legacy metrics, Coca-Cola's "Pulitzer Algo" achieved:

See the full list of IAB Euro MIXX winners here.

🥉 Because one wasn't enough, the "Pulitzer Algorithm" also earned a bronze in the Brand Bravery category at the Festival of Media Awards. Coca-Cola's new media buying formula is now available to the global market via The Trade Desk, DV360, and other major DSPs.

See the full list of FOMG  winners here.

Case Study: ŠKODA ENAYQ iV Launch Campaign

Case Study: “Pulitzer Algorithm” by Coca-Cola

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