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The Attention Pathway & How to Measure It

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Bill Bernbach, founder of international advertising agency DBB, once said, “If no one notices your advertising, everything else is academic.”

Bernbach was likely referencing the need for eye-catching copy and creative, but what if an ad never has the chance to be noticed? And what determines that opportunity?

When evaluating media performance, advertisers want to pinpoint exactly what elicited attention, but disentangling the impact of media and creative can be challenging. To illustrate how they work together over the course of an impression to drive attention and outcomes, Adelaide developed “The Attention Pathway.”

The Attention Pathway

The attributes of media create the environment that funnels attention to creative. A placement’s ability to get that job done is an indicator of quality. Along the way, the task of delivering the brand message and holding attention passes to the message itself.

The Attention Pathway & How to Measure It explores each phase of The Attention Pathway, including:

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