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Industry Experts Unpack the Future of Digital Advertising with “Next in Marketing”

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Adelaide is proud to sponsor the “Next in Marketing” podcast, hosted by media industry veteran Mike Shields. Tune in to his conversations with ad-tech leaders and legends (plus our very own Marc Guldimann) as they share their perspectives on industry challenges and how advertisers, publishers, and measurement providers can address them.

Is attention the advertising currency of the future? Find out on “Next in Marketing.”

Some of the topics covered in our first three episodes include:

An Opportunity for Currency Correction?

Who knew media currencies could spark such a lively debate? SVP of Global Partnerships at Dentsu, Joanne Leong, EVP of Advanced Media at Paramount, Julian Zilberbrand, and Adelaide CEO, Marc Guldimann, have different views on whether attention will emerge as a new form of currency. Luckily, the trio agreed upon one thing: attention metrics already drive better outcomes for buyers and sellers.

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Why the Financial Times is Ultra Conservative with Programmatic Ads and Data

VP of Advertising at the Financial Times, Brendan Spain, is a proud early adopter of attention metrics. In this episode, he calls for an industry-wide shift from an impression-based viewability model but notes that it will take time. Right now, advertisers are using attention metrics to game the system–to buy higher-quality impressions than the rest of the market.

Listen in to find out what Spain believes must happen before the Financial Times and other premium publishers see widespread adoption of attention as a currency.

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Jonah Goodhart Thinks the Ad Business Needs a Complete Do-Over on Measurement—And AI Will Lead the Way

Mike Shields chatted with ad tech legend Jonah Goodhart about the challenges of viewability and valuable lessons learned from its impact on the industry. Goodhart expressed his enthusiasm for building a new measurement framework for digital ads based on attention metrics, which he believes will drive innovation in the marketing world.

“In my view attention is critically important, and we should spend more time, not less, on it…to help us understand the quality of the exposure. (Attention) is a critical area for us to be focusing on as an industry. In fact, I think we are undergoing what I would call a measurement revolution right now.”

Listen to the full episode

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