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Quarterly Measurement Update

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Here are a few publishers that are integrating AU measurement into their platform:

We’ve also created a “scanner” to increase coverage across walled gardens, apps and the web. Using a combination of eye-tracking, page scanning, and machine vision lookalike modeling, this approach allows us to measure AU without a tag. Recently we added support for:

As we’ve improved the model and supported our findings with more evidence, we’ve started to see interest from sellers who wish to offer AU guarantees.  Kargo is leading the way in AU-based transactions. See more details about Kargo’s work with Adelaide here.

This month, we also expanded AU measurement to Linear through our partnership with TVision. Using post-log delivery data, Adelaide can now provide AU media quality ratings across day, daypart, and genre, allowing advertisers to directly compare the attention potential of TV media investments to those on other channels.

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