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Takeaways from Quality Metrics: Beyond Viewability

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Last month, we were thrilled to host Quality Metrics: Beyond Viewability. Along with everyone who attended, we’d like to thank our partners at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute. Throughout the morning, we were witness to some of digital media’s most cutting edge discussions.

To kick off the event our CEO, Marc Guldimann, sat down with Joe Marchese, CEO of Attention Capital, to discuss the subprime media crisis. Per usual, Joe pulled no punches. He cited New York Magazine’s statistic that 40% of the internet is likely fraudulent, how short-termism is inherent to marketing’s managerial structures and the hypocrisy of Big Tech’s large investment in out-of-home advertising.

We were honored to have Dr. Karen Nelson-Field present findings from her new book, The Attention Economy and How the Media Works. Continuing her groundbreaking research at Amplified Intelligence, Dr. Nelson-Field discussed how a set of variables including coverage, ‘unexpectedness triggers,’ fraud prevention, and logo placement are essential in media effectiveness. Encapsulating her research, her deck ended with a humble but potent assertion: “Remember this simple truth: In an attention economy, not all reach is equal.”

The CEOs of Lumen, Avocet and TVision joined Joanne Leong, Director of Dentsu’s Attention Economy project on a panel of “attention practitioners” led by Jon Lombardo, Global Head of the B2B Institute at Linkedin.

At the conclusion of the event, we announced The Attention Council (TAC). Besides Adelaide, TAC’s founders include Amplified Intelligence, Avocet, Lumen Labs, and TVision. In the upcoming months, we’ll also be announcing the addition of agencies and brands on the cutting edge of the attention movement. You can read more about TAC in WARC’s coverage.

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