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May Client of the Month: Clair Bergam

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What led you to start looking beyond traditional metrics to evaluate media quality?

Measuring conversion-based campaigns is simple once you understand your client’s goals—sales volume or CPA. Brand campaigns are more tricky. Brand lift studies are excellent, but often take months to return the results you need. Real-time decision making becomes impossible. We were looking for something that would give us data on a more consistent basis to evaluate our campaign health.

Can you describe your selection process and how you searched for the solution that Adelaide provides?

We’re constantly meeting with new partners for media and measurement. Just a few minutes into that initial meeting we had a feeling this solution was going to help us out a ton!  

You’re on the cutting edge of media analytics; how did you get buy-in from others who might not be so forward thinking?

Our clients are always looking to us to bring them new ideas. They’ve been using fractional attribution for years, brand lift studies, viewability and verification measurement, you name it and they’re ready to test it. Adelaide fit nicely into the existing tech stack.

Can you share any results you have seen since implementing Adelaide and any impact on your client’s business?

We’re still just a few months into the partnership but Adelaide has helped us validate the time and expense we’ve put into building out a lot of custom creative for our campaign. Earlier this year we began the transition away from ROS and standard banners to focus on more high impact execution and now we have the data to back up those choices.

What tips do you have for others who are considering new metrics for evaluating digital media?

First, carefully consider your goals. Then ask a TON of questions when you’re meeting new measurement partners. Fill them in on the background of what you’ve done so far and where you’re looking to go next. What’s nice about Adelaide is they can ingest the brand lift survey data we already had to help us learn how attention correlates to brand lift, consideration, and impact on brand attributes. Many measurement partners want to fit into your tech stack as another piece of the puzzle, not replace partnerships you already have.

What do you see for the future of new metrics like attention and media quality?

Each new metric that is developed is a chance to evolve the way campaigns are optimized. Last click wasn’t a “bad” way to measure, but fractional attribution is better, sharper. I see attention measurement as the evolution of viewability measurement. The more we can partner with companies like Adelaide who are looking to push boundaries, the smarter our decision making becomes, and the more successful we can expect our campaigns to be as a result.

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