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March Client of the Month: Meredith Lasner

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What led you to start looking beyond traditional metrics to evaluate media quality?

Attention has been an important matter for both my client and agency for quite a while now. We found ourselves in a place where we knew the cost of everything, but the value of nothing. We know we must earn consumer attention. As the media landscape is evolving faster than ever, it is becoming more and more important to plan, transact and measure on a common metric. In order to be accountable for the spend we have in market, we must first understand the quality of our media.

Can you describe your selection process and how you searched for the solution that Adelaide provides?

The selection process began with an audit of partners in the attention space spanning across those that had planning, transaction and measurement capabilities. We set out short and long term solutions in order to meet the needs of my client. Adelaide met the needs of the short term goals – to measure and understand the opportunity for attention across a large portion of the digital landscape.

You’re on the cutting edge of media analytics - how did you get buy-in from others who might not be so forward thinking?

I’m proud to work on a brand with clients that are on the forefront of media analytics and data. Dipping our toes in the water of attention measurement was a no-brainer. The brand/agency partnership is very forward thinking and we constantly exercise a “test-learn-apply” mindset.

What tips do you have for others who are considering new metrics for evaluating digital media?

Start with your business needs and goals. Ground yourself in your end goal and set expectations that it will be an evolving, learning process.

What do you see for the future of new metrics like attention and media quality?

Brands will continue to have to earn consumer attention. The solutions in which partners are bringing to the table are constantly evolving. As a brand that activates across a variety of channels, tactics and formats the hope is that we can get to a place where we can unify attention as an industry. In my mind, this is not just a measurement challenge; it’s a need for a consistent buying metric to transact on as well. Not a small feat!

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