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February Client of the Month: Rebecca Averback

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What led you to start looking beyond traditional metrics to evaluate media quality?

Using campaign effectiveness studies to measure awareness became challenging for one advertiser. No read-out until campaign end and even in the campaign wrap-up report certain attitudinal results were not stat sig, and desired data cuts were not available.

Can you describe your selection process and how you searched for the solution that Adelaide provides?

We RFP'd multiple brand lift measurement partners and ad verification companies to find none could provide in market awareness results - thus hindering our ability to shift budget into partners and creative that drive the greatest efficacy. Adelaide was piloted by another client at Mediahub so my team reached out to learn more.

You’re on the cutting edge of media analytics - how did you get buy-in from others who might not be so forward thinking?

I'm lucky. My client is smart and understands the importance of measuring campaign performance. Adelaide was able to bring a solution that marries attention measurement with awareness results, through their in-banner survey. With results published weekly, we will get data that is actionable while the campaign is still in market.

Can you share any results you have seen since implementing Adelaide and any impact on your client’s business?

Not yet! Our campaign is scheduled to launch in March and we are looking forward to seeing the dashboard and using the output to guide campaign learnings, and down the road, campaign optimizations.

What tips do you have for others who are considering new metrics for evaluating digital media?

Sticking with the status quo is easy. Mostly because it's valuable to compare YoY results, using the same methodology, plus the client has previously bought in on the measurement plan. Don't let that stop you from exploring other measurement options that may get you more valuable data and quicker. No measurement is perfect, IMO, but knowing which measurement option is best for your client - that is your job, and to know what new measurement options are available in the marketplace.

What do you see for the future of new metrics like attention and media quality?

We have a ways to go. Even with ad verification services, publishers are never contractually held to deliver 100% viewable impressions. Campaign effectiveness studies are flawed because they don't consider ad viewability (did everyone in the exposed group see or have the opportunity to see the ad?)

I'm optimistic measurement like Adelaide will improve the user experience on sites. No one likes ad clutter. If less ad clutter proves to be more valuable, publishers will deliver a better UX with less ads and advertisers will pay a premium for the inventory.

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