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End-of-Year Insights: Highlights from Adelaide's Inaugural Year

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In May 2019, Adelaide began measuring digital media quality through the lens of attention. We proved that Adelaide data is significantly more predictive of outcomes across the funnel than viewability and VCR. In partnership with Avocet, we further demonstrated that Attention Units correlate with incremental outcomes—the gold standard in measuring efficacy.

Here are noteworthy highlights and insights from 2019 Adelaide campaigns.

Larger Creatives and Mobile Devices Attract Attention

Adelaide found that 970x250s were the best performers for attracting attention. Comparing performance by device, mobile phones earned nearly 60% more attention than desktop and tablet.

AUs Beat VCR as a Brand Lift Indicator

The addition of video attention analytics capabilities revealed Attention Units more closely correlate with Consideration (the green “yes” rate) than VCR, providing a better indicator of brand lift.

Incrementality Increases with Attention

Incrementality strives to identify the causal event of a conversion. Avocet documented a positive trend between increasing AUs and conversion incrementality rates.

AUs Correlate to Brand Lift

Not only do AUs correlate to upper funnel brand health metrics like recall, but they are also strong leading indicators of more mid-funnel metrics like brand perception.

Having proven that AU measurement and optimization correlates strongly to brand lift, recall, and perception, the team at Adelaide is committed to expose even more inefficiencies in 2020. Our roadmap includes several exciting new developments toward refining quality measurement with industry-leading accuracy and resolution.

Reach out to see how Adelaide can impact your next campaign.

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