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January Client of the Month: Yuting Zhang

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What challenges or needs did you face in that led you to look for a solution like Adelaide?

We think ads only matter if they are seen, clicked, or engaged. “Viewability” currently is the most widely used metric that somewhat measures the possibility of an ad being seen. We are trying to look past “Viewability” - when our screens are so cluttered, 50% of an ad showing for 1 second really doesn’t mean much. Another challenge is we are entering a cookieless era. Does this mean we are losing all the “view thru” credit? As an agency, how do we prepare for it? What is the best way to translate “view thru” to a new metric in the new era?

Can you describe your selection process and how you searched for a solution that Adelaide provides?

We are always trying to buy media smarter and reduce media waste. This means less ads and higher quality inventory. For one of our clients, we cut its whitelist to approximately 200 sites and saw an efficiency lift with the similar amount of conversions.  

To further reduce media waste, we need a partner who can quantify the quality of our ad placements.

What made you choose Adelaide?

We wanted to find a partner that has a unique vision, not just someone who is revising the definition of viewability. Adelaide is leading the game in terms of preparing for the cookieless world.

Can you share any results you have seen since implementing Adelaide and any impact on the business?

Adelaide provided us with insights at domain level. A client of ours refined its whitelist to reflect the recommendations to focus on the ad exposure with higher attention units. So far, we are seeing increasing efficiency.

What would you tell others who might be considering Adelaide?

It’s an innovative team that thinks out of the box. They are open for conversations and collaborations. In my opinion, it’s a quality often overlooked in this industry.

What do you see for the future of new metrics like attention and media quality?

I think the industry is ready for such new metrics. The cookie has been crumbling for a while now, but the industry is so used to the cookie-based measurement. We all know cookies are ill-suited nowadays, but not so many of us are willing to take the first step to break out of our comfort zone.

What are you and your clients paying attention to for 2020?

My clients would be focusing on testing new ad formats or even messaging channels that speak to their consumers more effectively. And I believe we need a partner like Adelaide to help us understand if those ads are actually being engaged.

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