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Client of the Month: Scott Konopasek at Noble People

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What challenges or needs did you face in that led you to look for a solution like Adelaide?

I wanted better metrics for my clients. Every impression is not equal, I’m a big believer that attention metrics will be more prominent in the future and Adelaide gives insight beyond the impression delivery.

Can you describe your selection process and how you searched for a solution that Adelaide provides?

I worked with Parsec for some of my clients, and was introduced to Adelaide that way. I wanted a measurement solution that wasnt dependent on media spend, and Adelaide fits both the attention measurement and not tied to media spend.

What made you choose Adelaide?

Aside from a solid methodology, to my knowledge Adelaide is the only measurement solution of its kind.

Can you share any results you have seen since implementing Adelaide and any impact on the business?

We’ve optimized our buys, particularly video, using the data. When determining which partners would be on the next campaign, the Adelaide metrics were a part of that decision making process.

What would you tell others who might be considering Adelaide?

The data is helpful for upper funnel and lower funnel channels, and when used for optimization can make a tangible difference on your campaign.

What do you see for the future of new metrics like attention and media quality?

Attention metrics will continue to grow in prominence, though there is a lot of education and retraining that needs to happen. It will take a while for publishers and exchanges to adopt these metrics, but I believe it will become the currency for media in the future.

What are you and your clients paying attention to for 2020?

We’re focusing on the customer journey, making sure to reach people with the right channel and message for their needs. Delivering top quality media is also a core focus, making sure that every impression makes a difference.

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