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Adelaide Insights: Attention Unit & Brand Impact Correlations

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Over the past 8 months Adelaide has worked with several global brands to establish a correlation between our ratings and their existing sources of truth.

The goal was to develop a fast-moving media metric that brands can use to optimize campaigns on the fly. By using a faster, more cost effective approach that doesn’t rely on intrusive practice of linking exposures to eventual behavior, Adelaide helps brands future-proof their investment strategies.

The results have been resounding. From the top to the bottom of the funnel, we successfully proved that Adelaide Attention Units are correlated with the outcomes that drive our clients businesses.

1. Attention Unit (AU) Correlation with Recall & Perception

Working with a Fortune 50 technology brand across several campaigns, Adelaide tracked a positive correlation between Attention Units (AUs) and brand lift.

Not only do AUs correlate with upper funnel brand health metrics like recall, but they are also strong leading indicators of more mid-funnel metrics like brand perception.

2. AU Correlation with Consideration

On another Fortune 50 technology brand campaign, Attention Units correlated with increased Purchase Consideration.

Video completion rate (VCR) data when compared to the same survey data, shows no correlation. In other words, increased VCR does not indicate a higher likelihood of purchase consideration.

3. AU Correlation with Site Visits

For a Home Improvement client, we were able to demonstrate a correlation between the cost per thousand Attention Units and cost-per- visit.

Overall cost-per-visit was lower when placements showed better value, such as a high- quality/low cost placement.

4. AU Correlation with Sales Conversions

Working with a top yogurt brand, Adelaide found that Attention Units were over +180% more correlated with Nielsen ROI, based on actual sales, compared to viewability.

5. AU Correlation with Incrementality

Working with a large insurance brand, Adelaide found that the Average Attention Units per impression was correlated with an overall increased conversion rate. Additionally there was a strong trend between higher attention and conversion incrementality measures.

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