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Attention Metrics Take Root

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Michael Bürgi’s post today on Digiday features some great insights from Paolo Provinciali, head of media for Anheuser-Busch U.S, and James Donner, partner and head of media and strategy at Decoded. We especially like James’ quote:

You have video units that run in the bottom corner of a page with the sound off — they're totally viewable and they pass as brand safe, but they're complete garbage. Often people don't even know they're buying that.

This very point is one our clients take to heart. As an example, here's the result of Adelaide attention-based AU measurement for OLV on a recent CPG campaign.

Large, centrally positioned video player, with low ad clutter results in a high Avg AU, despite lower-than-average VCR.
Collapsing video player with poor position, low coverage and moderate clutter. Despite a healthy VCR, this site tracked a very low Avg AU.

The small player in the corner racked up great VCR and viewability — but the Adelaide algorithm knows it's not gaining any attention, with a low Average AU rating of 1.68. The large player on the left has a nearly 30% lower video completion rate and nearly 25% lower viewability. For attention, though, it drew a healthy average AU rating of 8.69. That's over 5x better.

This level of analysis is just one of the many reasons some of the best brands in the world trust Adelaide to deliver better brand outcomes.

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