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All About the Outcomes: Proof that High-quality, High-AU Media Drives Better Results From Site Visits to Conversions

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In partnership with the brand and its media agency, we analyzed the impact of media quality across:

  1. Attitudinal outcomes, such aided awareness and purchase intent
  2. Behavioral outcomes, including site visits and brand search
  3. Sales lift metrics, such as ROAS and conversions

Adelaide measured AU across OLV and Display to understand each placement’s probability of capturing attention and contributing to advertiser KPIs. To tie media exposures to brand lift data, we partnered with panel-based research partner, DISQO. And to examine the relationship between AU and sales performance metrics, we mapped AU data to the brand’s data.

These results are especially exciting given their contribution to a growing body of evidence that Adelaide’s attention-based metric is a proxy for full-funnel outcomes. Here’s what we found.

Higher AU Exposure Yields Greater Brand Search, Site Visits and Purchase Intent

Comparing the effects of exposure to media with a high versus low probability of attention revealed that high-AU users were significantly more likely to take favorable action and express increased brand awareness and purchase intent.

Most notably, groups exposed to placements with a cumulative AU of more than 250 were 45% more likely to search for the brand, 23% more likely to visit the brand’s website, and nearly 6% more likely to intend to make a purchase.

High-AU Media Amplifies ROAS and Drives 6x Higher Conversions

Findings substantiated AU’s strength as a proxy for ROAS, with high-AU placements resulting in nearly 5x the ROAS of low-AU media. High-AU media also delivered 6x more online orders at a lower cost per conversion. These results indicate that optimizing with AU would boost sales and ROI for the brand.

Finally, this study revealed that AU is not correlated with CPM. This is not surprising — AU takes into account numerous quality signals that viewability does not, and unlike viewability, is trained to proxy outcomes — but it’s good news nonetheless! This indicates opportunities for the brand to take advantage of low-cost, high-quality media in today’s inefficient digital media market.

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