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AU Predicts Tune-in on Display, OLV—and Now CTV

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When we first developed AU in 2019, we knew cross-channel measurement was a crucial component. So we were thrilled to introduce Walled Garden measurement one year ago this month. Now, we're excited to announce the results of our first CTV pilot campaign.

Working with a major sports league, we measured AU ratings across CTV, display, and OLV placements to determine if higher AU drives subsequent higher Tune-in.


The results are fantastic. An independent Tune-In study revealed that high-AU exposure on CTV drove 38% higher Tune-in than low-AU exposure.

For display and OLV, high-AU placements resulted in 3x better tune-in than low-AU placements. Further proof of AU's ability to help drive better brand outcomes.

These insights are just the beginning of this collaboration. Moving forward, we will continue to work with this advertiser to utilize AU in MMM to achieve even greater consistency across media and optimize channel planning.

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