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Adelaide Adds Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to AU Measurement Suite

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I’ve always thought the first step our industry can take towards creating a better environment for advertisers and consumers is to make it easy to understand media quality. Adelaide uses attention metrics to identify quality media and make it easier for advertisers to buy it, kicking off a virtuous cycle that can improve the entire ecosystem.

Since Adelaide launched last year, the top request from brands has been ratings for walled gardens like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Today Adelaide is excited to announce that we’ve licensed attention data from Amplified Intelligence, the leader in eye-tracking attention measurement, to help us to deliver on that demand.

Starting today, Advertisers can get Attention Unit ratings on the media placements they’re buying from Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram—finally giving brands a simple way to compare, apples-to-apples, the value they’re receiving from walled gardens.

We’ve made waves in the industry by creating the Attention Unit, a fast-moving metric proven to be predictive of marketing outcomes as measured by Kantar, Nielsen, Lucid, and other trusted measurement providers. In our first year, we’ve seen brands achieve 2–3x higher brand impact simply by optimizing to Attention Units. One advertiser found that Attention Units were 180% more correlated with in-store sales than viewability.

Attention Units (AUs) serve as a quality rating for placements, rolling hundreds of individual measurements into a single predictive metric that enables advertisers to:

To give advertisers a taste of what attention metrics can do, Adelaide offers free attention audits that cover programmatic display, online video, native advertising, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Find out more here.

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