Relationship Observed Between High-AU Programmatic Media and Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase Intent


  • Demonstrate the effects on brand outcomes by using Adelaide's AU metric to optimize media bought using The Trade Desk across Display and OLV media.


  • Activate Adelaide analytics on The Trade Desk to enable programmatic bidding on high-quality media.
  • Analyze Lucid survey response data to determine the impact on brand outcomes.


Increased recall, Consideration and Purchase Intent

Higher-AU media consistently tied to better brand outcomes through the funnel—for awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.

“Working with Adelaide provides us with a valuable metric that gives Colgate greater visibility into the media and inventory we’re buying.

This knowledge, combined with AU’s encouraging relationship to qualitative measures, helps us honor our deep commitment to enhancing consumer brand experience by ensuring quality across our portfolio of programmatic supply with The Trade Desk.”

Jeff Giacchetti

Programmatic Media Lead—North America Colgate-Palmolive

How to Buy Higher Quality Media Programmatically

Attention pre-bid segments—grouped into high, medium, and low sets—represent varying levels of placement quality.
A dynamic bidding system purchases the inventory that is most likely to drive efficient attention and outcomes.
SSPs can curate supply based on attention data and expose different tranches of quality as separate deal IDs.

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