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With a Little Help From AU, Coca-Cola And ŠKODA Switzerland vie for Best Crossmedia Campaign of 2021

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Check out how these leading brands incorporated attention metrics into their media buying strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

“Pulitzer Algorithm” by Coca-Cola

ŠKODA ENYAQ iV Campaign Launch

About the Campaigns


Coca-Cola is the first brand to build a custom bidding algorithm using attention metrics. By evaluating previously unmeasurable signals like the credibility of an ad's environment, Coca-Cola's media buying formula secured higher-quality inventory and better advertiser outcomes.

Named for revealing the value of investing in trusted ad environments, “Pulitzer Algorithm” drove 36% higher ad impact, 16% higher ad recall, and allocated +19% of Coca-Cola's existing budget to the top 100 news brands.


As digital advertisers become increasingly fixated on technical details and binary metrics, concepts like the importance of first exposures and environmental impact on media quality are often overlooked — but not by ŠKODA in Switzerland.

The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV campaign used AU to properly value PMP vs. Open Marketplace inventory, enabling teams to secure more premium placements within their existing budget. Media optimized with AU delivered 57% higher ad recall, 32% higher ad impact, and 29% higher purchase intent.

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